Thanks for your interest in Greenway.

Perhaps you’d like to participate in helping to grow the green economy!

Greenway Transit

  • Greenway Transit, LLC, is a full-service transportation company located in Durham, North Carolina.
  • We are the first and only green transport company in the Southeast, whose vehicles run exclusively on human energy or biofuels (biodiesel, veggie oil and ethanol-E85). With us, you can reduce air pollution and environmental impact and increase mileage and efficiency (Click the links for more info on biodiesel and ethanol).
  • We offer competitive prices and can work within your budget. We do NOT cut corners on safety and maintenance, underpay our drivers, or externalize our cost on the environment. Let’s work together to serve your needs and grow our green economy in trust to our community and the planet.

The Goal Model

Together with partners Green Oil Company, and Carolina Biodiesel, Greenway Transit strives to keep energy and jobs local. By recycling waste vegetable oil and using the resulting biodiesel to power our vehicles, the GOAL businesses are doing just that. Furthermore, much of our proceeds support the Forest Foundation, a non-profit that promotes sustainable livelihoods in North Carolina and across the world.

Greenway Transit and the Goal Model are proud to announce a new partner "Moore's Mobile Mechanic Service, LLC" run by Robert Moore, an expert large-engine mechanic. If you are in need of bus or truck maintenance, please contact us for a referral.



If you’re interested in driving for us, teaching or leading an eco-tour, or if you’d like to donate to our mission, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a new (or newly) green business in the area and curious about cross-marketing with similarly-minded companies, we’re always ready to talk!

Areas where you might fit in: green jobs training; vehicle maintenance and repair; gardening and composting; bus driving; vehicle detailing and washing; coordinating event and planning tours; office administration; social media and marketing; sales; community outreach; pedicab peddling; and much more.

Please contact us at info@greenwayrides.com — we’ll be glad to have you on board.

For specific For specific positions available today, see our Facebook page.

If you or your city council is interested in franchising a biodiesel bus company, or any of our partner businesses, we are happy to help. We are eager to promote the Green Economy all over the country and will do everything we can to make that easy for you with business plans and start-up documents ready to go.