Covid Protocol


Greenway has been monitoring the the pandemic closely and is hoping to retrofit its buses with a FAR UVC lighting system when they become cost effective (late 2021). Until then we have developed a state-of-the-art protocol for cleaning and operation.

We are currently using hydrogen peroxide and a fogger system for quick, on the go cleaning, which is 98% effective in killing viruses and other pathogens, is non toxic and has an environmentally low footprint. We combine this is in combination with post trip thorough standard cleanings of all the surfaces with traditional disinfectants and cleaners.

In conjunction with our clients at Duke Medical Center, we have developed the following protocol for operation of our buses:

Pretrip testing(suggested for customer)

  • Take temperature of passengers
  • Verify most recent test results
  • No one with symptoms or a positive test in the last month will be allowed to ride.

Boarding and during trip (required by all customers)

  • Must wear a mask at all times (extra masks will be available)
  • Apply hand sanitizer before boarding bus(sanitizer bottles are distributed throughout the bus as well)
  • Maintain social distance, boarding and departing
  • Do not sit in first two rows behind driver(tours)
  • Sit only in unmarked seats
  • Windows are to be left open to allow air to circulate(transits)
  • AC, heat and vents will be on continuously for circulation (transits and tours)
  • Face forward – talk as little as possible, do not shout or sing.
  • Notify Greenway if any passengers become sick or test positive after trip

Notify Greenway if any passengers become sick or test positive after trip.